By Dom Richardson

Jonathan Sedgwick VS Cayman Carlisle
There is an old saying in the wrestling world; good friends, better enemies. All through 2017, we have seen that phrase be true for these two men. At Wrestlebration IX, Cayman lived up to his word by defeating his former mentor. Now with others joining this rebellious new style, Sedgwick has used his position in the company to grant Carlisle a shot at what all wrestlers covet, the dream ticket. With that in his possession, Carlisle could potentially reach the dream of all, World Champion.

With his “Collective” backing him up, the odds are very much behind the former pupil. Can Sedgwick overcome these odds and stop the insurrection before it can truly begin? Or will lightning strike twice and Carlisle score a second win over the once untouchable COO and use the dream ticket to become UKW’s worst nightmare?


Francis Darwin VS Billy O’Keefe
Evolution meets exhilaration. Since arriving at UKW, Francis Darwin has been all about making an impact. At the most recent Mayhem show, he returned from winning a tournament in Poland and immediately did what he did best, made an impact. Among his victims was the Instant Talent known as Billy O’Keefe, who was on the receiving end of Darwin’s devastating chokehold. With the NAGA belt over his shoulder, the Submission Fighter boldly claimed we were in the “Era Of Darwin”.

When people think of survival of the fittest, Billy O’Keefe will certainly leap to mind. The young high flyer is nothing short of amazing with his ability and tenacity so when a bully like Darwin calls for a challenge, he need not look far. Simply look up and notice a forearm flying toward him. Can Billy speed his way to victory or will Darwin ground him… into the dirt?


Andrew Jepson VS L.R.B
Being a former champion is never easy. Especially when you’re LRB, who is the epitome of a good guy. Since dropping the championship at December Bash, LRB’s road has been a long, bumpy one. Wins and losses have never dampened his spirit and, as we saw at Wrestling For Bobby, he is still a hero to his fans. Not because it is expected, because it is who he is. Unfortunately, a hero can easily become a target.

After coming to Andrew Jepson’s aid at Wrestlebration, LRB was met with no thanks whatsoever. Jepson was in no mood for friends after being victimised by Francis Darwin. When LRB was unable to show for their tag team match at Mayhem, it was apparent that Jepson had snapped and attacked him beforehand. Joining the Collective and demanding a match against LRB, Jepson is looking to prove that he truly is as dominant as his size suggests. Can the hero slay the giant?


Shelby Sinar VS Felicia
When a dark side comes to the forefront, is something darker the only answer? After seven years of rising through UK Wrestling, Shelby finally reached her star point at Wrestlebration IX by capturing the UKW Academy Womens Title. As a role model to young women everywhere, the plus size princess was universally praised for this. It was at Wrestling For Bobby when things started to change.

Felicia unleashed herself upon a triple threat match to take the number one contendership and make a statement that the dark side was here to stay. No doubt her confidence rose even further when she saw Shelby escape her first title defence with a count out loss. While she had saved her title, it was a sight that Felicia must have relished. Regardless of that one questionable move, Sinar is Queen of this division and not ready to step down from the throne. Felicia will be bringing her vicious side when each of them must face their inner demons.


Henri Winter VS The Hounds Of Glory
Fresh off his suspension, Henri Winter will be looking to make up for lost time. As the first man to join Cayman Carlisle’s Collective, he has already shown his mettle in the ring and is a force to be reckoned with.

Clayton Andrews and Scott Slimm are the rookies looking to make a name in the biggest way. Even though these Hounds have been virtually unseen as a tag team, each of them is hungry to prove their worth. Can the fighting spirit bring down the monster mountain or are they just the latest victims of Winter storm?


‘Wildcard’ Tommy Dillon VS Edward Crowley VS Kaine Taylor VS Zenith
A fatal fourway is always unpredictable, but this one has become UNBERECHENBAR. While he awaits his future Academy Championship match, Tommy Dillon is desperately trying to prove that he is the true heir to the Academy Throne. Edward Crowley has no love lost with his former tag team partner, or anyone else in wrestling. Kaine Kaine Taylor is without a doubt a Monster Anomaly, a teenage powerhouse with charisma by the barrel load. Zenith has always stood out as a mystery, waiting in silence and striking with intensity.

While Zenith and Taylor faced off at Mayhem, they have bigger problems than just each other now. Dillon and Crowley have avoided each other recently, their partnership has always been questionable and they have no problem combatting each other. Also, Dillon has definitely not forgotten that Taylor served him his first defeat in his debut match 18 months ago (Germans never forget… or forgive). Feuds may be born, reborn and even out of nowhere when this fourway becomes FOR KEEPS!


Ricky Knight Jr. VS Disciple
For many, Wrestlebration is the beginning of the end. For these two competitors, it was the beginning of their next step. The national sensation that is Ricky Knight Jr did what he is known for. Everywhere he goes, he has brought home a championship. In this case, he charged through four other warriors and emerged as the newly crowned Television Champion. Earlier in that same night, a Battle Royal determined his next contender. Disciple, a man who walks his own path and does not stand for anyone taking his chance. After eliminating former champions, rookies and giants, he stood tall and looked straight ahead to the future.

Can the Knight slay his opponent or is the Disciple just the right man to take the TV Title?


Hades VS Rex Savage
Godzilla and King Kong have nothing on the devastation these two monsters can bring. Even before Hades captured the World Heavyweight Championship, there was a score to be settled here. No doubt believing himself the ONLY dominating force within UK Wrestling, Hades was not prepared for an Alpha Predator to stand against him. Rex Savage has faced every challenge put in front of him and conquered. Not content with being able to stand toe to toe with the Ruler Of The Underworld, Savage has pushed Hades to the limit and beyond.

Now that Hades stands atop the food chain of UK Wrestling, he is ready to face any challenger. Should Savage emerge victorious from this encounter, he will be granted a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. Hades has given his evil word on this and no one can question that… nor would they dare.

Is Rex ready to seize the throne or will the champion show him who the real Alpha is in UKW?


Alfie Rogue VS Brooklyn
Two up and coming talents with the greatest of futures ahead of them. And yet, they could not be more different. Brooklyn shows that sweet and innocent smile yet can throw down with the best. This was proven at Wrestlebration when she went head to head with Shelby Sinar for the vacant Academy Womens Championship. Rogue, on the other hand, is an enigma wrapped in strong mystery. Her attitude can change with a simple moment. Much like the moment at UKW Mayhem when she was wearing a referee’s shirt and still took it upon herself to spear Brooklyn and cost her a victory.

Both of these young ladies are no doubt a huge part of UKW’s future and they are both reaching for those stars. This is do or die for both and they will not disappoint.


Eliza Roux VS Jami Sparx

They say if you love something, set it free. Jami Sparx loves wrestling, she was the inaugural UKW Women’s Academy Champion and she set a standard for women wrestlers everywhere. Unfortunately, her last venture into a UKW ring was where her championship reign ended. As always, she delivered an exciting performance but unfortunately the numbers game of a Triple Threat match was too much for her. Since then, she has taken time away from the ring; her journey during this time is a mystery.

In her absence, Lincoln Fight Factory Favourite Eliza Roux has stepped into UKW and left her personal brand upon it. After facing international sensation Rosemary, she went on to defeat Lana Austin to bring back the UKW Womens World Championship. The division has quickly become the house of Roux. Now, for Jami to reclaim her spot as UKW’s starlet, she must stand against the Queen of this ring and rise above. For Eliza to make her mark as the true epitome of women’s wrestling, she must take Jami straight to the fight zone. Sparx will fly for Your Favourite.

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