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Sky Movies & Signature Entertainment proudly present former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) in British action spectacular FINAL SCORE on Digital HD December 21 and DVD & Blu-ray December 26.


It’s Die Hard in a football stadium when an ex-soldier (Dave Bautista, Guardians of the Galaxy) must use all his lethal fighting skills to save 35,000 fans and prevent mass destruction when deadly Russian terrorists take Upton Park under siege in the Sky Original’s film, Final Score.

Believing his traitorous brother Dimitri (Pierce Brosnan, Goldeneye) is somewhere in the stadium, Arkady (Ray Stevenson, Thor trilogy), the former leader of a revolution in the Russian state of Sukovia, locks down the Boleyn Ground during the European semi-final between West Ham United and Dynamo FCC. In the crowd with his niece, Danni (Lara Peake), is US- veteran Mike Knox (Bautista), who stumbles upon the plot and goes about taking out Arkady’s heavily armed team. Can he get to Arkady before Arkady gets to Dimitri? The fate of 35,000 people inside the stadium – and many more in Russia – depends on it…

Starring Dave Bautista, Pierce Brosnan, Ray Stevenson, Lara Peake, Amit Shah and Martyn Ford. Final Score is directed by Scott Mann (Heist).

Casting Pierce Brosnan, an international star who had four times played James Bond, was a smart move for the film, but equally smart was securing the man-mountain ex-WWE wrestler Dave Bautista – at the time best-known for playing Drax in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies and henchman Hinx in Bond film, Spectre – as the lead.

“I cast Dave in Heist and he surprised me by how good he was and how seriously he took the work,” says director Scott Mann. “Wrestling had instilled a sense of discipline [in him], and it is also about performance. So I had a lot of faith in Dave. But we originally talked about him playing Arkady because the lead was, at that time, a Brit. But Dave wanted to play Knox. I talked to the writers about changing the dynamic, making it an American at a ‘soccer’ match, and what you could do with that. The process was so alive.”

“I was looking for more leading roles,” says Bautista. “It’s easy for me to step into the role of villain, I wanted to play the hero for a change so people could see me in a different light; I’m still trying to prove myself as an actor.”

Neither Mann nor the producers were against the idea. Noting that Bautista is, in real life, a joyful, hugely likeable guy with a big personality, they saw an opportunity to show a different side of him on screen. “We all worked very closely on the character of Michael Knox,” says Bautista. “We had to alter a lot. We had to make him American because me trying to pull off a Brit accent or any knowledge of football would just be insulting to our audience! And I didn’t want to make Mike a generic character, like the cold-blooded assassin, ex-Navy Seal type guy that we’ve seen a million times before. I wanted people to care about these characters.”

“When we cast Dave he was one of the Guardians but Blade Runner 2049 was yet to come out, Guardians 2 was yet to come out… he was still a bit of an unknown quantity,” notes Goldberg. “But he really delivered and we feel it couldn’t have been anyone else playing that character.”

Brosnan, who knows a star performance when he sees one, was certainly impressed: “He’s passionate, he’s got the commitment, he’s got the strength physically and emotionally, and he wants it,” he says. “I wish him every success. He’s a good bloke. A top man.”

Signature Entertainment & Sky Cinema present Final Score on Digital HD December 21 and DVD & Blu-ray December 26



15 Cert, 102mins, Includes 12min “Making of” Featurette

By Dominic Richardson

No sooner had the referee, Arkady English, entered the ring than the theme music of The Collective hit. Cayman Carlisle led his crew of The Jester Jayrow, The Man Mountain Henri Winter and Andrew Jepson into the ring to deliver one message; we’re here and we here to stay. After making the statement that The Collective was going to grow and they were open to anyone who wished to prove themselves, they were answered.

Felicia made her way to the ring stating that she wished to join them as she had been “screwed over”. The UKW Academy Women’s Champion Shelby Sinar seemingly took offence to this and made her own way to the ring stating that all she needed was her title and her people. Neither woman willing to back down, the title match for later in the night was pushed up to the opener.

UKW Academy Women’s Championship match
Shelby Sinar VS Felicia
With The Collective flanking ringside, clearly scouting the hungry challenger, Felicia took her mean streak straight to the Plussize Princess. Shelby would not be denied as she brought her strength and determination to the match. A quick take down by the champion only angered the challenger as Felicia struck deep in Shelby’s midsection, giving her a chance for tilt a whirl hurricarana for a pin attempt. As Shelby fought back up, Felicia would make her first mistake by attempt a sleeper hold, which Shelby escaped by slamming her opponent hard to the canvas. Felicia was back up in no time with a submission attempt. The audience drove Shelby to her feet and she escaped this second submission attempt.

With the people behind her, Shelby took it to Felicia and used her strength as an advantage. A momentary lapse in judgment was all Felicia needed from the champion to lock in her third submission attempt. Once again, Shelby’s strfength was her ally. A misplaced crossbody from Felicia led to Shelby reversing it into a Samoan Drop for the victory.
Winner: Shelby Sinar

After the match, Winter and Jepson cornered Shelby in the corner as Carlisle and Jayrow encouraged Felicia to attack. Suddenly “Holy doublecross, Batman” Shelby knocked Felicia clean out with her title belt and revealed that the Academy Women’s Champion was now sporting the C armband of The Collective. It seems they really do only accept the best.

Wildcard Tommy Dillon VS Edward Crowley VS Zenith VS Kaine Taylor
Anytime a fatal four-way comes around, the odds are out of the winner. On this night, four men were looking to take the spotlight any way they could. Wildcard Tommy Dillon was eager to take centre stage as each of the other combatants entered the ring. Dillon stared down his former tag team partner, Edward Crowley, certainly no love lost there. The German also took great offense to Zenith approaching the ring in true rock star style, all eyes on him. As soon as the Young Powerhouse Kaine Taylor made his way out from behind the curtain, Dillon was clearly intimidated. No doubt he remembers what happened eighteen months ago on his debut.

Still trying to steal the spotlight, Dillon attempted to give the audience the “gift” of the German National Anthem. However, Kaine shut that down with merely a stare. The three clearly intimidated opponents decided there was strength in numbers and attempted to attack Kaine together. All this got them was a boot to Zenith’s face and a double crossbody to the former tag team partners. As each man attempted to drop Kaine, only Crowley could raise his boot high enough to knock him down. Crowley and Dillon would then trade off blows, choke and claw. When Zenith attempted to get the upper hand Kaine would spear him and Dillon in the corner before repeating it on Crowley and laying out Dillon with a huge spine buster.

As Zenith pulled Kaine to the outside and slammed him face first into the ring post, Dillon, having recovered (sort of) took this opportunity to drag himself up the ropes and attempt another German National Anthem. This time it was shut down by a mega chokeslam by Crowley, throwing Dillon from the turnbuckle across the ring. Zenith tried to steal the win only for Crowley to break it up and attempt to break him. Kaine re-entered to face Crowley as Dillon choked out Zenith at ringside. Suddenly, Kaine took the ultimate gamble and executed a thunderous frog splash on Crowley. Dillon would take a move from Zenith and steal the win, pinning his former tag partner to the mat. The German left the ring reminding everyone that he IS the number one contender to the Academy Championship. However, the audience was more interested in cheering Kaine Taylor for a valiantly founght battle.
Winner: Wildcard Tommy Dillon

Francis Darwin VS Billy O’Keefe
Francis Darwin entered with his usual confidence and huge smile, no doubt relishing the idea of hurting the young opponent. With the NAGA belt over his shoulder, he was keen to show everyone what The Era Of Darwin was all about. Billy O’Keefe has never had any fear in his heart and tonight would be no different. He entered the ring with nothing but intensity and the desire for payback.

Darwin’s arrogance was on show as he played with his opponent early on, showing his superior grappling background. Billy answered this by aiming high and using his high flying prowess. A suicide dive led to the first pin attempt but Darwin would not be beaten so easy. He quickly grounded Billy and started with his submission arsenal. Eventually, pulling Billy into a surfboard submission into a pinning combination. Billy was able to avoid this but only then face his wheelbarrow manoeuvre reversed into a front slam. Darwin quickly pulled him into a triangle choke. After much stretching, Billy was able to reach the rope with his foot, but only just. Darwin’s strikes were hard enough to lay Billy down but his spirit kept fighting back up. Darwin went for his signature chokehold only for Billy to kick himself off the turnbuckle and reverse it into a pinning attempt.

This threw Darwin off long enough for Billy to mount an offense. A centon, a superkick and a flying Phenomenal Five Arm, billy was definitely back in the game. However, when he attempted a springboard, he came backwards into the waiting grasp of Darwin’s chokehold. Refusing to tap out, Billy could not fight against his lack of air and passed out to the devastating hold. Darwin was victorious but he was in no mood to hang around after coming so close to defeat. There will be another day for both of these men.
Winner: Francis Darwin

Henri Winter VS The Hounds Of Glory
The Hounds Of Glory, two childhood friends in Scott Slim and Clayton Andrews made their way to the ring full of life and hungry to compete. Their opponent, The Collective’s Man Mountain Henri Winter approached this with only a desire to destroy. With Cayman at his side, he was in no mood to disappoint his leader.

Scott and Clayton threw themselves straight in and soon regretted it. After clotheslining both, he taunted the young rookies by hurting Scott with a spine buster and forcing him to tag Clayton. Winter took Clayton down with ease and dragged him all around ringside, forcing more pain upon both. Once back in the ring, Clayton seemingly tried to match Winter but it was inevitably impossible. Winter would enjoy himself again and again with his Snowfall spine buster, a double backbreaker and finally his finisher the Nuclear Winter and it was just that, finished!

Cayman was certainly impressed and proud of his Man Mountain BFF, especially when he laid another Nuclear Winter on Clayton for an exclamation point. When Scott refused to leave quietly, Winter press slammed him back into the ring and declared him “not worth my trouble”.
Winner: Henri Winter

The familiar music of everyone’s hero, LRB, signalled that the former Academy Champion was coming with a point to make. Knowing that his opponent, Andrew Jepson, had blindsided him backstage at UKW Mayhem, he wanted payback. Jepson approached the ring and called on his new teammates. Since he was definitely not going to enter this match alone, LRB chose to sport his own equaliser; brass knuckles. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Ollie Temple approached the ring, showing LRB that he too was not alone. Now we have a tag team match.

LRB and Ollie Temple VS Andrew Jepson and Jayrow (The Collective)
LRB was ready to take the fight to Jepson, but the Giant instead chose to let The Jester take the first crack. No strangers to each other, both former Academy Champions, LRB and Jayrow were quick to take it to each other, on the technical side and the brutal side. Once again, The Collective was covering the outside of the ring. Ollie entered against Jayrow and used an intense style to show he would not be pushed around. A snap suplex left Jayrow stunned but not beaten as did a scoop slam. Ollie fought bravely but the crafty Jester was able to escape and brutalise Ollie back to the Collective’s corner.

Once Jepson was in, Ollie’s chance seemed slim to none. Jepson was quick to showcase his power by throwing his young opponent around. Regardless of Ollie’s attempts to match him, it was a fool’s errand. Jayrow and Jepson used their constant tag work to keep a fresh man in the ring. When Jayrow dropped an elbow from atop Jepson’s shoulders, it seemed like done was done. But Ollie would not be denied, using all his remaining strength to kick out and battle back to his feet, everyone thought a hero was rising. Unfortunately, the double team work was too much for even the referee to keep track of. As Jayrow locked a Boston Crab on Ollie, Jepson dispatched LRB and dropped a tree trunk like leg on the back of Ollie’s head. Once again, the spirit of the warrior was strong and Ollie kicked out. When Jepson attempted to splash him in the corner, Ollie made his last-ditch effort to move and tag in LRB.

The former champion took it to Jayrow with his signature bulldog splash combo. Unfortunately, when he went for his Cutter, Jepson cut him off and was tagged in. Finally, the two had what they wanted, to face each other. A up and down battle followed, as LRB took his larger opponent down with a bulldog and tagged Ollie in. Ollie was straight up the corner ready to end the Giant. This was not to be and chaos ensued. Jayrow hit the KOD on Ollie, LRB hit the Cutter on Jayrow and Jepson ended LRB with a butterfly suplex. For the third time in one night, The Collective were victorious. Even though his smile said otherwise, the pressure was now on Cayman to make in a clean sweep in the Main Event later.
Winners: Jayrow & Andrew Jepson

Eliza Roux VS Jami Sparx
Jamie Sparx was eager to make a triumphant return to UK Wrestling and no doubt make an impact against the current Women’s Champion Eliza Roux. The Champion as always approached the ring with her usual sparkle and ever confident, never taking her opponent for granted but prepared to fight to the end.

These two women opened the clash showing the audience that they are well versed in technical wrestling and each are capable of taking the other down. Eliza was caught off guard by Jami’s lack of ring rust and was forced to rethink her game plan. She would strike strong and hard at her sensational foe but Jami had just as much to give back. Ring positioning was key to keeping the match going for Eliza as they grappled around the ring, locked in epic combat.

Jami would eventually knock Eliza to the outside and execute vintage Jami with a suicide. Back in the ring, Eliza was quick to retake control and floor Jami as much as she could. When Jami was able to turn things around and attempt a moonsault, Eliza had clearly done her homework and was able to move at the last second. This was the chance she took to lay out Jami for the 1, 2, 3. Eliza Roux emerged victorious as the two young women shook hands, showing old school respect.
Winner: Eliza Roux

Alfie Rogue VS Brooklyn
Coming into this match, it was pretty much a given that Rogue would be the aggressor on little Brooklyn. However, all bets were off as soon as Brooklyn jumped Rogue during her entrance, unleashing a mean streak that was heretofore unthinkable for her. Not only was Rogue caught off guard, but Brooklyn’s fans were left unsure if they should cheer their heroine or if they had been wrong about her. Brooklyn kept her opponent beaten down early, no doubt making a statement.

After escaping a pin attempt, Rogue fought back, giving Brooklyn a taste of her own medicine. Running her from pillar to post before nailing Brooklyn with a suplex from the second rope. Rogue’s pin attempt was also escaped from. Soon the two women were trading blows, getting harder and harder until Brooklyn knocked her down again with a DDT. The audience soon got behind Rogue in her moment of need and she in turn showed off her strength advantage with a powerslam. Three shoulder charges in the corner and Brooklyn was downed with a Samoan driver. Brooklyn showed her ring smarts as she side stepped a spear attempt and Rogue was driven into the corner shoulder first. Brooklyn attempted a stunner which was quickly reversed into a spear that did not miss. Alfie Rogue stood victorious as Brooklyn took her attitude back to the locker room.
Winner: Alfie Rogue

Mustafa Khan & Dutch VS Leon Blade & Robert DeCaro
On paper, this was without question a mismatch. Not only are Khan and Dutch the reigning UKW Tag Team Champions but they are the living embodiment of strength and ability. Also, they have no problem destroying anyone smaller than them to make a point. Their opponents, however, are not paper and they were willing and capable of proving it.

Dutch at times seemed more interested in talking trash to the audience, showing his ever-confident attitude toward his own ability. When it became apparent that Leon and Robert were getting more respect from the audience, the tag champions felt the need to humiliate them by beating them down with furious intensity. Leon was no stranger to a beating but he was a bigger fan of fighting back. He stood toe to toe with Khan and attempted to chop down the Sultan Of Slams. The big man was having none of it as he caught a leg and threw Leon off. Leon would attempt a sunset flip and only narrowly avoid Khan’s fist crushing his face. More kicks and an insiguri from Leon built the crowd up to fever pitch. Could he possibly fell the Persian Heavyweight Champion? Khan powered out of a pin attempt and in a rare show of desperation, raked Leon’s eyes knocking him off his game plan.

In came Dutch, the Fight Factory Champion was more than happy to teach Leon a lesson. After hitting a stiff back elbow on Leon, he demanded that Robert be tagged in. The two combatants tied up, with Robert, known as The Man Of Destiny, using a technical offense on his larger opponent. Robert seemingly locked in a full nelson, but Dutch’s strength would not be denied as he easily pulled himself free. But then, shock of shocks, Robert pulled him round into a snap mare. Dutch was clearly rattled by this as he re-evaluated his plan of attack on the outside. When Robert attempted to pull him back in, he was met a signature Dutch insiguri. Dutch was clearly having fun, using his massive girth to slam Robert to the ground and sitting on him on the ropes. A minor miscalculation led to a double clothesline between both men.

Before a ten count could be reached, Leon was tagged in. Taking it to Dutch with kicks and punches, he soon succumbed to the power advantage. Khan seemed to be angered by his partner’s treatment of the young team as he could have just beaten them. Dutch allowed Khan the chance to end the match with a chokeslam, which seemed to shake the whole building. Khan refused to pin Leon, clearly respect was breeding remorse. Dutch instead ended the match himself with a big splash. As Dutch celebrated the decimation, Khan was good enough to help his opponents to their feet and shake their hands. Dutch and Khan are still the Tag Team Champions but it seems there is trouble in the ranks.
Winners: Mustafa Khan & Dutch

UKW Television Championship Match
Ricky Knight JR VS Disciple
Both men were entering this match with desire in their heart and soul. Desire to be champion and desire to be respected. Disciple was on form, bringing the fight to the young prodigy of the Knight dynasty. Clearly a split crowd, with duelling chants of “R-K-J” and “DI-SCI-PLE” ringing throughout the building.

Ricky went straight into a technical offense with Disciple matched, both men gaining and losing the upper hand. With both men matching each other move for move and respect oozing from both, they threw themselves straight in with everything they had until Ricky was able to knock Disciple to the outside and quickly execute a suicide dive to keep him down. Ricky’s confidence got the better of him as Disciple swept his legs, landing him hard on the edge of the ring. Disciple took to the offensive now, nailing Ricky with thunderous strikes and wrenching his upper body with a modified surfboard manoeuvre. Ricky’s attempt to roll out almost rolled himself into a pinning predicament, but luckily it did break the hold. Disciple played fast and loose with the rules as he continued the onslaught upon the TV champion, working on the upper body area which was now the weak spot. He launched Ricky into the corner, the force turning him upside down and falling through the ropes.

Disciple did not allow any time to recover as he followed Ricky and continued beating on him on the outside. Ricky tried his best to keep his distance but to no avail, Disciple wants that championship. Ricky made one last ditch effort and utilised his agility to knock Disciple down. Attempting to end it, he came off the top rope with two feet in Disciple’s back, but unfortunately, he could only hold him down for a two count. Ricky went for a suplex which was reversed into an inside cradle, but again only a two count. Both men were staying on the other, with neither being able to take the advantage. Disciple picked Ricky up on his shoulders, but was pushed off and downed with another kick. Seizing the opportunity, Ricky climbed the turnbuckle, this time missing the manoeuvre and giving Disciple the chance to land a spine buster on him.

Now he was in control, Disciple struck hard and picked Ricky up on his shoulders when BANG BANG BANG. Henri Winter had emerged to distract Disciple by banging the Collective ball bat. This allowed Ricky to hit a superkick and a Swanton bomb to retain his championship. As the Knight’s crown jewel celebrated, he called for Disciple to re-enter the ring. Both men shook hands and took in the adulation of the live audience. Mutual respect.
Winner: Ricky Knight JR

Hades VS Rex Savage
In order for Savage to gain a future title shot, he was tasked with defeating the current UKW Heavyweight Champion Hades. This is no easy task but neither is beating The Alpha Predator Rex Savage. Both men are gifted with power and ability, Hades has a victory over Savage and yet is seemingly threatened by Savage’s super athleticism. Both men made their presence felt as they entered the ring, each possessing a presence that cannot be denied.

The two monsters were quick to lock up, both men wanting to put their name down as the absolute best. Since the strength could not be broken, Hades attempted to throw Savage out. Savage answered this by launching a springboard attack, flooring the champion. Celebrating too soon, Savage left himself open to a flying clothesline. Knowing what his enemy is capable of, Hades was brutal in putting him down and attempted to keep him down with a leg drop and sidewalk slam. A near fall was all he could as Savage will not be denied. Hades put all his strength into a taking him out, attempting to crush his skull under the Lord Of Hell’s mighty hands. Savage fought back, drawing on the support of his Raptors and matching Hades own strength with a gigantic body slam. Savage tried to stay on his opponent but was unable to execute a piledriver. Hades again attempted to throw him out, Savage landed on the apron but had no chance to catch his breath as the champion was straight on him with a mighty suplex. Would this be the end of Rex Savage? Definitely not, he’s the Alpha for a reason!

Hades went for a choke and punch but was himself thrown over the top rope in the corner. Now was the time for Savage to show off his awesome power. He pulled Hades up the turnbuckles to the top and did the biggest superplex in UKW. The ring shook, the building shook, I wouldn’t be surprised if the town shook from that impact. As Savage tried to pull himself up to his feet, Hades got enough time to regain his senses. Knowing this was his chance to gain the Number One Contendership, Savage reached down for a chokeslam. Hades seized the moment and pulled Savage into a Hell’s Gate/Gogoplata submission. Knowing that this could be his last chance, Savage refused to submit. But at the same time, Hades would not relent. Even though he would not surrender, Savage could not fight his lack of oxygen and his arm dropped three times.

Hades has seemingly knocked off his greatest threat but Savage is a competitor and he will not ever give in his quest to be the true Alpha. As of right now, The Ruler Of Hell stands as the undisputed UKW Heavyweight Champion.
Winner: Hades

Dream Ticket Match
Jonathan Sedgwick VS Cayman Carlisle
With the success that The Collective had achieved tonight, the pressure was on Cayman Carlisle to win his match. Could he do the impossible and knock off Jonathan Sedgwick twice in a row? He clearly had doubts as not only did he come to the ring with his trusty ball bat but also, the rest of The Collective were covering the whole ringside area. The look on Jonathan’s face as he came to the ring was a mixture of doubt and hatred. With the “goon squad” watching his every move, Jonathan knew that he was truly alone with the wolves. The only backup he had was the live audience who were very vocal in their support of the COO.

Cayman was quick to show Jonathan his predicament by luring him to the outside into an intense stare down with Henri Winter. This seemed to only fuel Jonathan as he re-entered the ring and quickly took Cayman down for a hard beating on the canvas. This time, Cayman ran to the outside for no other reason than to run. Jonathan followed him into the audience and treated them to an up-close look at Cayman’s physical suffering; going so far as to throw Cayman into the main doors of the building. As the referee held The Collective back, Jonathan powerslammed Cayman onto a collection of chairs. Throwing Cayman over the railing back to the ring like a sack of garbage, Jonathan had regained his confidence. As Jonathan let his guard down for a moment, Cayman struck him with the ball bat, unseen by the referee. Jonathan was lucky to not get counted out as he returned to the ring at the second.

Cayman was done playing, he unleashed his brutal side, showing everyone why he was the leader. A snap suplex and sidewalk slam by Cayman lead to near falls, but he would not let that hold back his attack. Cayman climbed to the top rope and perfectly hit a flying forearm for another near fall. Jonathan would not give up, he kept kicking out again and again. Cayman’s arrogance would betray as he took too long to attack from the middle rope and would face an attack from Jonathan, who attempted to give his former protégé a superplex. Cayman desperately fought his way out and floored Jonathan with a headbutt. Cayman savoured his moment, taunting his opponent and the crowd before dropping a Sedgwick-esque leg drop. Jonathan would not be held down by his own move, the humiliation would be too much. As Shelby Sinar and Andrew Jepson distracted the referee, Cayman would utilise Winter’s height to drop an elbow from his shoulders straight onto his opponent. Still, Jonathan would not surrender!

Cayman has shown his desperation, now his frustration was on show as he battered his former mentor in the corner. He would then take a page from Jonathan and attempt a superplex of his own. Much like earlier, but this it was Jonathan’s turn to fight back. He went one step further though and took Cayman down with a flying modified fisherman’s suplex from the top. Unfortunately for him, as he went for a pin, Winter would pull Cayman’s foot onto the rope. As both men struggled to their feet, the atmosphere was at fever pitch. Jonathan became the aggressor as he beat on Cayman before positioning him for another superplex. This time, he was successful. The Collective could see their leader was moments away from losing his big chance. Cayman, however, showed his own tenacity by lifting his shoulder before the three count; the war continued.

Both men were now spent as they traded blows. Jonathan took control and nailed Cayman with everything he had, including a sit down powerslam. Suddenly, he was stomping his foot and going for the superkick. Look out, Cayman blocked and went for a twist of fate. Look out again, Jonathan reversed it and nailed the superkick. But again, Winter pulled Cayman’s leg over the bottom rope. As Jonathan allowed himself to be distracted by Winter, Cayman rolled him up for the one, two, three; with his feet on the ropes going unseen by the referee.
Winner: Cayman Carlisle

The Collective celebrated this victory with a group mauling of Jonathan, including a successful twist of fate from Cayman. Before they could go any further, Persian Heavyweight Champion Mustafa Khan came to Jonathan’s aid, daring The Collective to try their luck with him. Cayman pulled his crew back and went to sign his name on the dotted line of The Dream Ticket. As Khan and Jonathan looked on helpless, The Collective stood tall as the true survivors of the AFTERMATH.



By Dom Richardson

Jonathan Sedgwick VS Cayman Carlisle
There is an old saying in the wrestling world; good friends, better enemies. All through 2017, we have seen that phrase be true for these two men. At Wrestlebration IX, Cayman lived up to his word by defeating his former mentor. Now with others joining this rebellious new style, Sedgwick has used his position in the company to grant Carlisle a shot at what all wrestlers covet, the dream ticket. With that in his possession, Carlisle could potentially reach the dream of all, World Champion.

With his “Collective” backing him up, the odds are very much behind the former pupil. Can Sedgwick overcome these odds and stop the insurrection before it can truly begin? Or will lightning strike twice and Carlisle score a second win over the once untouchable COO and use the dream ticket to become UKW’s worst nightmare?


Francis Darwin VS Billy O’Keefe
Evolution meets exhilaration. Since arriving at UKW, Francis Darwin has been all about making an impact. At the most recent Mayhem show, he returned from winning a tournament in Poland and immediately did what he did best, made an impact. Among his victims was the Instant Talent known as Billy O’Keefe, who was on the receiving end of Darwin’s devastating chokehold. With the NAGA belt over his shoulder, the Submission Fighter boldly claimed we were in the “Era Of Darwin”.

When people think of survival of the fittest, Billy O’Keefe will certainly leap to mind. The young high flyer is nothing short of amazing with his ability and tenacity so when a bully like Darwin calls for a challenge, he need not look far. Simply look up and notice a forearm flying toward him. Can Billy speed his way to victory or will Darwin ground him… into the dirt?


Andrew Jepson VS L.R.B
Being a former champion is never easy. Especially when you’re LRB, who is the epitome of a good guy. Since dropping the championship at December Bash, LRB’s road has been a long, bumpy one. Wins and losses have never dampened his spirit and, as we saw at Wrestling For Bobby, he is still a hero to his fans. Not because it is expected, because it is who he is. Unfortunately, a hero can easily become a target.

After coming to Andrew Jepson’s aid at Wrestlebration, LRB was met with no thanks whatsoever. Jepson was in no mood for friends after being victimised by Francis Darwin. When LRB was unable to show for their tag team match at Mayhem, it was apparent that Jepson had snapped and attacked him beforehand. Joining the Collective and demanding a match against LRB, Jepson is looking to prove that he truly is as dominant as his size suggests. Can the hero slay the giant?


Shelby Sinar VS Felicia
When a dark side comes to the forefront, is something darker the only answer? After seven years of rising through UK Wrestling, Shelby finally reached her star point at Wrestlebration IX by capturing the UKW Academy Womens Title. As a role model to young women everywhere, the plus size princess was universally praised for this. It was at Wrestling For Bobby when things started to change.

Felicia unleashed herself upon a triple threat match to take the number one contendership and make a statement that the dark side was here to stay. No doubt her confidence rose even further when she saw Shelby escape her first title defence with a count out loss. While she had saved her title, it was a sight that Felicia must have relished. Regardless of that one questionable move, Sinar is Queen of this division and not ready to step down from the throne. Felicia will be bringing her vicious side when each of them must face their inner demons.


Henri Winter VS The Hounds Of Glory
Fresh off his suspension, Henri Winter will be looking to make up for lost time. As the first man to join Cayman Carlisle’s Collective, he has already shown his mettle in the ring and is a force to be reckoned with.

Clayton Andrews and Scott Slimm are the rookies looking to make a name in the biggest way. Even though these Hounds have been virtually unseen as a tag team, each of them is hungry to prove their worth. Can the fighting spirit bring down the monster mountain or are they just the latest victims of Winter storm?


‘Wildcard’ Tommy Dillon VS Edward Crowley VS Kaine Taylor VS Zenith
A fatal fourway is always unpredictable, but this one has become UNBERECHENBAR. While he awaits his future Academy Championship match, Tommy Dillon is desperately trying to prove that he is the true heir to the Academy Throne. Edward Crowley has no love lost with his former tag team partner, or anyone else in wrestling. Kaine Kaine Taylor is without a doubt a Monster Anomaly, a teenage powerhouse with charisma by the barrel load. Zenith has always stood out as a mystery, waiting in silence and striking with intensity.

While Zenith and Taylor faced off at Mayhem, they have bigger problems than just each other now. Dillon and Crowley have avoided each other recently, their partnership has always been questionable and they have no problem combatting each other. Also, Dillon has definitely not forgotten that Taylor served him his first defeat in his debut match 18 months ago (Germans never forget… or forgive). Feuds may be born, reborn and even out of nowhere when this fourway becomes FOR KEEPS!


Ricky Knight Jr. VS Disciple
For many, Wrestlebration is the beginning of the end. For these two competitors, it was the beginning of their next step. The national sensation that is Ricky Knight Jr did what he is known for. Everywhere he goes, he has brought home a championship. In this case, he charged through four other warriors and emerged as the newly crowned Television Champion. Earlier in that same night, a Battle Royal determined his next contender. Disciple, a man who walks his own path and does not stand for anyone taking his chance. After eliminating former champions, rookies and giants, he stood tall and looked straight ahead to the future.

Can the Knight slay his opponent or is the Disciple just the right man to take the TV Title?


Hades VS Rex Savage
Godzilla and King Kong have nothing on the devastation these two monsters can bring. Even before Hades captured the World Heavyweight Championship, there was a score to be settled here. No doubt believing himself the ONLY dominating force within UK Wrestling, Hades was not prepared for an Alpha Predator to stand against him. Rex Savage has faced every challenge put in front of him and conquered. Not content with being able to stand toe to toe with the Ruler Of The Underworld, Savage has pushed Hades to the limit and beyond.

Now that Hades stands atop the food chain of UK Wrestling, he is ready to face any challenger. Should Savage emerge victorious from this encounter, he will be granted a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. Hades has given his evil word on this and no one can question that… nor would they dare.

Is Rex ready to seize the throne or will the champion show him who the real Alpha is in UKW?


Alfie Rogue VS Brooklyn
Two up and coming talents with the greatest of futures ahead of them. And yet, they could not be more different. Brooklyn shows that sweet and innocent smile yet can throw down with the best. This was proven at Wrestlebration when she went head to head with Shelby Sinar for the vacant Academy Womens Championship. Rogue, on the other hand, is an enigma wrapped in strong mystery. Her attitude can change with a simple moment. Much like the moment at UKW Mayhem when she was wearing a referee’s shirt and still took it upon herself to spear Brooklyn and cost her a victory.

Both of these young ladies are no doubt a huge part of UKW’s future and they are both reaching for those stars. This is do or die for both and they will not disappoint.


Eliza Roux VS Jami Sparx

They say if you love something, set it free. Jami Sparx loves wrestling, she was the inaugural UKW Women’s Academy Champion and she set a standard for women wrestlers everywhere. Unfortunately, her last venture into a UKW ring was where her championship reign ended. As always, she delivered an exciting performance but unfortunately the numbers game of a Triple Threat match was too much for her. Since then, she has taken time away from the ring; her journey during this time is a mystery.

In her absence, Lincoln Fight Factory Favourite Eliza Roux has stepped into UKW and left her personal brand upon it. After facing international sensation Rosemary, she went on to defeat Lana Austin to bring back the UKW Womens World Championship. The division has quickly become the house of Roux. Now, for Jami to reclaim her spot as UKW’s starlet, she must stand against the Queen of this ring and rise above. For Eliza to make her mark as the true epitome of women’s wrestling, she must take Jami straight to the fight zone. Sparx will fly for Your Favourite.

UK Wrestling is a leading brand in the British Wrestling industry, offering some of the very best action from some of the most talked about Wrestlers on the Independent Scene. With action packed family entertainment and regular episodic storylines, the Events all lead to the annual showcase event “Wrestlebration”