UKW The Great British Bash 2022 DVD


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It’s the biggest Championship match in UK Wrestling history. 30 Men will enter, no friendships, no alliances, every man for himself with one goal; THE UKW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! 

Mustafa Khan and his Persian Empire are finally having the numbers game turned against them as he is forced the defend his UKW Championship in this 30 man, over the top rope GREAT BRITISH BASH. With everything on the line for the Champion in this unpredictable setting, a Jester, a Yorkshireman, a Wildcard, a Shiekh, a Lunchador or any one of the 30 combatants could seize the ultimate prize at the end of this night.

In addition to this, personal scores will be settled as Cayman Carlisle looks to humble JPR the man who manipulated the Collectives downfall. And a new Women’s Champion emerges in Leonie Rose, who has laid out the challenge to her rival Luna Rox. This night will go down in history as one of the most unexpected of UKW events ever.


DVD includes a bonus match from The Countdown to The Great British Bash

Blu-Ray includes the entire Countdown to The Great British Bash

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