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UK Wrestling first opened it’s doors to aspiring wrestlers back in 2009, and it has only progressed since then. After it’s success and growing popularity, right now the UK Wrestling Academy is in one of the best positions that it possibly can be. With high quality training and a variety of different trainers to help you achieve your wrestling dreams, UK Wrestling is the place to come!

Starting with the venue and equipment, UK Wrestling has some of the best to offer. It ranges over 2 different floors, the main one being upstairs; this room holds our 20x20ft ring, which is one of the only kind in the whole of the UK, and it matches the size of a WWE ring. Downstairs holds another ring that is 16x16ft, but this isn’t the only piece of equipment that the downstairs has to offer. We also possess various pieces of gym equipment like weights, a weight machine, bicycle machines, punching bags, and a more.

Now onto the sessions; we hold them every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. All of these sessions are available for kids and adults alike, but any children hoping to train need to be over the age of 6. Each session, although they differ, will start off the same. You will go through a basic warm up to get your muscles working properly, and then you will go into a stretch off. After completing these, you will go into your rolls and bumps drill. When all this is complete, the real session starts. Each session will have a focus point, whether it be grappling, high flying, technical, character building, promo work, etc, you will always come away having learnt something new and valuable.

Monday sessions are ran by the CEO Jonathan Sedgwick. His broad wrestling knowledge and experience is extraordinary, and who better to learn from than the owner himself?! These sessions take part in the main 20x20ft ring. Both adults and children are welcome and it runs from the time of 6:30pm until 8:30pm.

Tuesday sessions are a little bit different because you don’t actually do any wrestling in these. However, you do have 2 hours of fitness with our very own gym instructor Sid Phoenix. After that, you will spend another hour working on promos. Promos are used to address a certain topic or person, whether it be live or to a camera, and so they are an important part of wrestling. These sessions take place downstairs in the gym area, and they last from 6pm until 9pm. However, be aware that these sessions are only for adults due to their intensity.

Wednesday sessions are taken by Wesley ‘Nsereko’ Male. With him being a rather large character in the British Wrestling scene, he has a lot of valuable knowledge that can be passed on to aspiring wrestlers. These sessions take part in the 20x20ft ring. Again, both adults and children are welcome at these sessions, and they run from 6pm until 8pm.

Friday sessions are taken by Ellis ‘Barker’ Ingham. If you keep up to date with UK Wrestling shows you will know that Ellis is a regular, and a popular one at that, making him experienced. These sessions take place in the 20x20ft ring, and they last from 6pm until 8pm. Both adults and children are welcome at these sessions.

Finally, the Saturday sessions are again taken by Wesley ‘Nsereko’ Male. They take place in the 20x20ft ring. These work a little bit differently. Both adults and children are welcome, but the children only have time in the ring from 10am until 12pm, whereas the adults have time in the ring from 10am until 1pm.

november, 2020

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25nov6:00 pm8:00 pmWednesdaysTrainer: Wesley 'Nsereko' Male

27nov10:00 am1:00 pmSaturdaysTrainer: Wesley 'Nsereko' Male

27nov6:00 pm8:00 pmFridaysTrainer: Ellis 'Barker' Ingham

30nov6:30 pm8:30 pmMondaysTrainer: Jonathan Sedgwick